Katrin Wendrich and Tijmen Booij win 3RCC Poster Award at LS2

Tijmen Booij, ETH Zurich; Katrin Wendrich, University of Fribourg

The winners of the 3RCC Poster Award are Tijmen Booij from Nexus Personalized Health Technologies at the ETH Zurich for his replacement project, and Katrin Wendrich from the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Fribourg for refinement.

Booij and colleagues developed a screening platform to test thousands of drugs simultaneously using pancreatic cancer organoids. They propagated pancreatic cancer PDX/organoid lines in 3D extracellular matrix and expanded for screening in more physiologically relevant in vitro assays with the aim to select more patient-relevant therapies. Booij expects these techniques to result in a reduction of the number of animal studies required for drug evaluation, as researchers may identify less beneficial drugs already in vitro.

Wendrich and colleagues investigated the influence of the circadian clock on sleep and brain metabolism. They in particular studied how the systemic circadian clock as well as the astrocytic and neuronal clocks modulate sleep architecture and glymphatic clearance under both physiological and sleep deprivation (SD) conditions. Wendrich used the non-invasive PiezoSleep system for sleep recordings, enrichment of the environment and gentle handling methods as refinement approaches, and to keep confounding stress as low as possible.