Research Funding

The Swiss 3R Competence Center publishes regular calls for funding of high-quality research projects dedicated to the replacement, reduction or refinement of animal experimentation.

The calls for projects are in the form of open calls and targeted calls i.e., addressing specific challenges for the advancement of the 3R principles in Switzerland.

3RCC Open Call 2019

Online application portal opens on the 7th of October 2019
Outline application is due by the end of the 3rd of November 2019 (23:59)

The Swiss 3RCC is proud to announce the next Open Call for 2019. With an increase in the amount of funding available this year (CHF 1,375,000), another year of the Swiss 3RCC, and the ever-growing awareness of the importance of research and education about the 3Rs principle, we hope to have even more enthusiasm from applicants around Switzerland. More information on the call and timelines.

Result of the Open Call 2018

3RCC Open Call 2018: 6 projects selected for funding
The 3RCC received 54 applications for its 2018 call. About half of the projects focused on replacement, 30% on reduction, and 20% on refinement. The total of funding requested amounted to about CHF 15.5 million with funds worth CHF 1.2 million available.

Complete applications having no major shortcomings underwent a two-step evaluation process. First, international reviewers having expertise in the fields of the applications evaluated the applications. The reviewers considered a majority of complete applications (70%) as being of good to excellent quality at this step. In a second step, the 3RCC Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) evaluated and compared the top 26 complete applications.  The main criteria evaluated were potential impact on the 3Rs, quality of science, benefit over current methodologies, feasibility, and chances of successful implementation in the broader scientific community. The SAB recommended six projects having the highest evaluations by both SAB members and external reviewers for funding, and the 3RCC Strategic Board approved them at its last meeting in May.

Three of the selected projects focus on replacement, two on reduction and one on refinement. The 3RCC made sure that there were no conflicts of interest, and that it maintained the confidentiality of shared information throughout the process. We thank all submitters. Press release in English, German, French, Italian. Find the non-technical summaries of the funded projects here. More information about the Open Call 2018.