Eawag researchers receive ISO certification for non-animal water toxicity test

Environmental toxicology specialists at the Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag) have received international certification for a non-animal test used to determine acute toxicity of water samples and chemicals to fish. According to Eawag this is the first time a toxicity test with cultured gill cell lines from fish has been ISO-certified. There still is a lack of recognised alternatives to experiments with live fish. In 2017, researchers in Switzerland carried out more than 7,500 ecotoxicological tests with the aim of protecting humans, animals and the environment. Eawag has been researching alternatives to reduce or replace fish experiments. One of these alternatives involves experiments with a gill cell line of rainbow trout (RTgill W1 cell line). The test saves time, is cost-effective and does not require any laboratory animals. More info: