Successful first Swiss 3Rs Day on 2 September

We were pleased to welcome 186 participants (134 regular, 52 students) to the first Swiss 3Rs Day on 2 September 2019 at the Hotel Kreuz in Bern. The conference took place at the occasion of the 60 years of the 3Rs principles published by Russel and Burch in 1959. The programme offered invited lectures and presentations by 3Rs specialists, including the winners of the 3RCC 2019 3Rs Award (s. above) and experts discussing replacing animal models by developing organoids, cell cultures, organs-on-chips, non-animal-derived antibodies, in vitro and in silico strategies as well as alternatives in education and training. During the sessions on reduction experts presented strategies to reduce the number of animals and tackle the reproducibility crisis with imaging techniques, biostatistics approaches and a platform to share organs and tissues. Refinement specialists presented their work on how a culture of care can improve animal welfare, how severity is classified in different countries and how to improve pain relief and euthanasia. The 36 submitted abstracts were presented in seven orals and on 29 posters. The Federation of Swiss Cantonal Veterinary Officers (VSKT) accredited the 3RCC’s as one day of continuing education, and participants should have received their certificates by email. More information about the abstracts and the programme can be found in the abstract book and on the event website: