ECRN: Building story in the 3Rs | December 14th, 2023

In order to progress our 3Rs mission further, we facilitate collaboration between young scientists around Switzerland. We do this through our 3RCC Early Career Researchers Network (ECRN). It serves as a unifying platform for emerging scientists engaging with animal experimentation from diverse perspectives. 

The December 2023 ECRN event, "Bringing Story to the 3Rs," brought together a dynamic community of young researchers committed to advancing the principles of replacement, reduction, and refinement of animals in scientific research.  Dr. Maike Heimann, in a thought-provoking session, explored the significance, challenges, and effective communication processes surrounding the 3Rs. During the coffee and vegan cookie break, the group took part in the collaborative creation of an early version of our network's manifesto, a document that outlines what we want from the 3RCC ECRN and the collaborative environment we want to create.  

Later in the afternoon, Hedwig Ens from Sam Speaks Science provided a captivating exploration of the history of storytelling, offering practical insights on its application to communicating the importance of animals in scientific research. Hedwig also gave feedback on how we present, looking at how we do, or do not, physically engage with the audience. 

We are energized by the momentum gained and the positive impact this event promises for the ECRN and the future of 3Rs practices here in Switzerland. 

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