Culture of Care - Award 2022

The Culture of Care (CoC) Award recognizes an individual or a group of people for their accomplishment to promote and implement a good Culture of Care within a research institution that uses animals for research.

The Culture of Care Working Group of the Swiss 3RCC will grant this prize for the first time in 2022.

The award promotes the proactive implementation of a good Culture of Care within Swiss institutions that are conducting or supporting exemplary animal research.

As any other culture that defines an organization’s beliefs and behavior, the Culture of Care in laboratory animal science gathers all the values, ideas and actions that allows an institution to go beyond the legal requirements and obligations, and thrive into a positive research environment, for their staff, the animals, and society.

Implementing CoC within the organization aims to provide all stakeholders a sense of pride that they are doing their job the right way and doing the right things.

Nominees for this award can be any individual or collaborative initiatives that proactively and successfully drive forward the implementation of a good Culture of Care within animal research institutions.

Any person at a Swiss research institute or Swiss organization, eg. researchers, animal caretakers, communication or management staff can apply or be nominated by their peers.

The successful project/action should have a positive impact on humans & animals in the context of driving forward a good Culture of Care that goes beyond legal requirements, such as:

a)      animal welfare (progressively working on implementation of a good CoC, beyond the 3Rs)

b)     scientific quality (e.g. enhance reproducibility)

c)      transparency and communication (improving internal communication between stakeholders, excluding public outreach projects)

d)     care of staff (improved management, empowering e.g. animal care staff, promoting respectful working environment, preventing compassion fatigue, creating a safe environment to talk about doubts or concerns and to make suggestions for improvements)

e)     Innovation (thinking out of the box), e.g. developing new or improved techniques or training programs.

Award Details
Online application:

Challenge cup and a 3.000 CHF honorarium

Deadline: September 30th, 2022