Grants, awards & surveys

Updates on research grants, awards and surveys published by the 3RCC.

3RCC Open Call 2018: six projects selected for funding

The 3RCC received 54 applications for its 2018 call. About half of the projects focused on replacement, 30% on reduction, and 20% on refinement. The total of funding requested amounted to about CHF 15.5 million with funds worth CHF 1.2 million available. Complete applications having no major shortcomings underwent a two-step evaluation process. First, international reviewers having expertise in the fields of the applications evaluated the applications. The reviewers considered a majority of complete applications (70%) as being of good to excellent quality at this step. In a second step, the 3RCC Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) evaluated and compared the top 26 complete applications.  The main criteria evaluated were potential impact on the 3Rs, quality of science, benefit over current methodologies, feasibility, and chances of successful implementation in the broader scientific community. The SAB recommended six projects having the highest evaluations by both SAB members and external reviewers for funding, and the 3RCC Strategic Board approved them at its last meeting in May. Three of the selected projects focus on replacement, two on reduction and one on refinement. The 3RCC made sure that there were no conflicts of interest, and that it maintained the confidentiality of shared information throughout the process. We thank all submitters. The next 3RCC call for projects will open in September 2019. More info:

Basel Declaration Award offered to attend lab animal science course in August

The Basel Declaration Society is offering a researcher the opportunity to take part in a course for animal experiments from 12 – 16 August 2019 at the University of Zurich. The course teaches the technical knowledge and practical skills necessary for responsible and careful handling of laboratory animals. In this course, the awardee will learn how to handle rodents and rabbits and familiarize her/himself with the basics of the relevant animal research techniques used. Within two years after successfully completing the course, the awardee must organize such a course at his/her home university/research institute to train people who will conduct animal experiments in accordance with the legal requirements in his/her home country or must take an active role in the establishment of such courses at their home institution/country. Applicants must send their application documents before 21 June 2019. The Board of the Basel Declaration Society will select the awardee. More info: