January 2022

2018 Call: Breeding management software for genetically modified rodents

Project OC-2018-003

Scientists frequently use genetically modified animals in basic and applied research. They often combine multiple genetic modifications requiring complex breeding schemes. Some of the surplus animals that do not carry the required traits cannot be used for research or further breeding and are usually euthanized. Such supernumerary animals cannot be entirely prevented, but their numbers must be kept to the minimum possible. Therefore, we aim to optimise breeding strategies for complex genetic models, which is not possible manually. There is currently no software on the market to support us to better plan our breeding strategies. We aim to develop a stand-alone software tool, which will allow researchers to identify the best breeding strategies and thereby reduce the number of surplus animals. This is especially important when multiple traits are combined and the Mendelian laws lead to birth of surplus animals. The application of the software will reduce surplus animals to the essential minimum.

Dr. med. vet. Philippe Bugnon Institute of Laboratory Animal Science LTK, University of Zurichphilippe.bugnon@uzh.ch, +41 44 635 54 52 

Co-applicants: Prof. Thorsten Buch, UZH; Prof. Frank Brand, MathYou GmbH