Funded Research

All Ongoing Complete
October 2021

2020 Call: Reducing the need for lethal health monitoring in trout

Project OC-2020-003
October 2021

2019 Call: Engineering a novel cell-based model for assessing materno-fetal drug transfer during pregnancy

Project OC-2019-019
February 2019

2019 Call: Development of a platform for GU cancer patient-derived organoids

Project OC-2019-003
February 2020

2019 Call: IPF-on-Chip: Replacing the bleomycin induced lung injury and fibrosis model with lung-on-chip technology

Project OC-2019-025
February 2019

2018 Call: Nutritional requirements of fish cell lines – development of a serum-free culture medium (L-15Plus)

Project OC-2018-001
October 2021

2020 Call: Identifying new regulators of cell invasion in colorectal cancer using the Drosophila adult intestine

Project OC-2020-011
January 2022

2018 Call: Recombinant laminin-like proteins for organoid cultures free of animal-derived basement membrane extract

Project OC-2018-004
January 2022

2018 Call: A CRISPR/Cas9-screening platform to decipher conserved cell fate specification networks in vivo

Project OC-2018-005
January 2022

2018 Call: 3D heart models for cardiac surgery training

Project OC-2018-006