Biostatistics Task Force

About the task force

The 3RCC Biostatistics Task Force aims to address some of the key problem areas in experimental design, statistical analysis and reporting of experimental animal research results.

Services and Tasks:
- Reviewing grant applications, animal license requests and, in rarer circumstances, publications.
- Providing generalised guidelines for typical issues in animal research
- For example, see our guidelines on calculating power / sample size in animal research
- Think-tank for larger projects which can then be implemented by the Swiss 3RCC
- For example, monitoring the overall state of reporting practices in Swiss animal research

A relaunch of the task force, to better formalise and standardise its goals is set for mid-2022.

Need statistics help?

Send us a mail directly via with your question / problem and we'll see if we can either help directly, or direct you to the appropriate resources at your institution.


Armand Mensen - Swiss 3RCC
Frédéric Schütz - Swiss Institute for Bioinformations / University of Lausanne
Romain-Daniel Gosselin - Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV)
Servan Grüninger - Reatch / University of Zurich

If you are interested in becoming a member of the 3RCC Biostatistics Task Force, send an email to with your profile / cv and motivation for joining the task force.