BME Symposium

Replacing basement membrane extracts (BMEs): An introduction

What are BMEs, and what are the challenges that come with replacing them? What are the hurdles and opportunities that BMEs present across different application areas?
Chair: Professor Jens Kurreck, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Dr Simone Rizzi, Independent, Switzerland
Professor Glen Prestwich, University of Utah, USA and Dr Alekasnder Skardal, Ohio State University, USA

BMEs and replacements from a research perspective

Exploring different applicational areas, from basic research to preclinical drug development where BMEs can be replaced, and how the replacements can be incorporated into translational research.

Chair: Professor Cathy Merry, University of Nottingham, UK
Dr Andreas Kurtz, Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany
Dr Eirini Velliou, University College London, UK
Dr Jennifer Ashworth, University of Nottingham, UK

BMEs and replacements for clinical application areas

Touching on diagnostics, regenerative medicine and the regulatory aspects of replacing BMEs.

Chair: Dr Erwin Roggen, 3Rs Management and Consulting ApS (3RsMC ApS), Denmark
Sylvia Boj, HUB Organoids, The Netherlands
Associate Research Professor Jakob Benedict Seidelin, Herlev Hospital, Denmark
Kristian Tryggvason, Biolamina, Sweden

The future of BMEs and their replacements: A panel discussion

A chance for previous speakers to come together to discuss the wider topic of replacing BMEs, and the 3Rs implications of the approaches discussed.