Complete | October 2021 - November 2022

Introducing 3Rs to Young Minds

Goal: Changing Mindsets
Mandate: Education, Communication

Teaching 3Rs to the young audience (21_05)

This project generated the following:
1) an on-line workshop directed towards teachers to secondary school pupils on how to present 3Rs concept in the classroom (collaboration with the European SchoolNet and the JRC).
2) a workshop where students were presented lectures on 3Rs by key leaders in the field, and were shown different alternative models to the use of animals, and refinement approaches to the care of animals - this event was filmed, and a short promotional and longer descriptive movie were produced and made available on our Youtube channel and website (collaboration with UniL, EPFL, Altertox, Frontiers Young Minds, CAAT).
3) three open-access review articles produced by the above lecturers, and reviewed by the above-mentionned pupils.

Hartung T (2022) Replacing Animal Testing: How and When?. Front. Young Minds. 10:959496.

Tremoleda J (2022) Reducing the Number of Research Animals: How Imaging Technologies Can Help. Front. Young Minds. 10:953662.

Jirkof P (2022) Refining Research to Improve the Lives of Laboratory Mice. Front. Young Minds. 10:954413.