Ongoing | January 2024

An automated system for the assessment of pain and wellbeing in laboratory mice


Monitoring the well-being of mice in research labs is often overlooked, and current methods rely on subjective observations, leading to potential biases and variations between different observers. Recent advancements in machine vision and learning tools offer a solution by automating and standardizing these measures. This project aims to create an all-in-one automated platform (both hardware and software) for monitoring animal welfare. It will include 3D gait analysis, the grimace scale, assessment of ethological behaviors, and detailed analysis of behavioral patterns. This platform can be easily implemented in research labs, providing a more comprehensive evaluation of how experimental procedures, such as surgeries and analgesia, impact the health of mice. By filling a technological gap, this project enhances the accuracy and reliability of animal welfare monitoring, allowing for consistent data across different research settings. Ultimately, it supports the establishment of universally accepted standards for the care of mice undergoing various experimental procedures worldwide.

Associate Professor Johannes Bohacek and Team, ETH Z├╝rich