Zebrafish Refinement Workshop

November 6th, 2023 | Online Webinar

Do you perform research projects with Zebrafish or are you simply curious about this model?

Do you want to learn about the latest findings on pain assessment of Zebrafish? 

Do you want to implement refinement strategies to improve Zebrafish welfare in your laboratory?

Then join us for an afternoon focusing on Zebrafish Refinement and register by clicking here.

This half-day workshop aims to provide state-of-the-art knowledge on Zebrafish refinement measures from international experts.

Accreditation for 0.5 day of continuing education (pending confirmation)


Confirmed speakers:

  • Dr Lynne Sneddon, University of Gothenburg: Pain assessment, anaesthesia and analgesia in zebrafish

  • Dr Chloe Stevens, RSPCA: Implementing enrichment for laboratory zebrafish

  • Dr Doris Lou Demy, France Center 3R: Life after labs : rehoming zebrafish

  • Dr Will Norton, University of Leicester: Skin swabbing as a refined technique to collect DNA samples from laboratory fish

  • Dr Colette vom Berg, EAWAG: Refinement of zebrafish husbandry

  • Dr Andrina Zbinden, University of Fribourg: Culture of care in zebrafish

  • Dr Alessandro De Simone, University of Geneva: Quantitative investigation of adult scale regeneration using live imaging: an opportunity for reduction and refinement

  • Dr Ana Hernando Ariza, Bionomous SA: The EggSorter : an automated tool to standardize the screening, sorting, and dispensing of zebrafish embryos