January 2022

2018 Call: 3D heart models for cardiac surgery training

Project OC-2018-006

Surgery training on live animals is a controversial subject. While prohibited in Switzerland, surgical training on live animals is performed in many other countries. Several scientific publications as well as organisers of workshops open to a large audience of surgeons support this practice. Our goal is to develop a realistic and cost-effective alternative to the use of live animals for cardiovascular training. This project aims to first impart a segmentation procedure from CT and MRI data based on open-source software and secondly to develop a method for realistic 3D prints of congenital heart diseases based on rubber silicone. We will then validate the utility of this 3D printed hearts models by cardiovascular surgery training and write a paper to disseminate our protocol in order to motivate other countries to replace live animals for surgical training by these 3D printed models.

Prof. Jean-Paul Vallée 
University of Geneva and University Hospital of Geneva, jean-paul.vallee@unige.ch, +41 22 372 70 35

Co-applicants: Prof. Maurice Beghetti, HUG; Dr Tornike Sologashvili, HUG; Dr Anne-Lise Hachulla; Célia Tomassetti, HUG; Kévin Ponchant, HUG; Mélanie Frei, HUG