Frontiers for Young Minds Impact

During the engagement event with Frontiers for Young Minds, students from the International School of Lausanne met scientific staff and authors and were introduced to the 3R Principle of humane animal experimentation: replacement, reduction, and refinement. The students subsequently learned to act as peer reviewers for three manuscripts. 

The articles had a tremendous impact online and all 3 articles ended up in the 97+ percentile of all Frontiers articles!

Find out more about the collaboration here and read the resulting articles here:

Hartung T (2022) Replacing Animal Testing: How and When?. Front. Young Minds. 10:959496.

Tremoleda J (2022) Reducing the Number of Research Animals: How Imaging Technologies Can Help. Front. Young Minds. 10:953662.

Jirkof P (2022) Refining Research to Improve the Lives of Laboratory Mice. Front. Young Minds. 10:954413.