3RCC funds project to replace a severe procedure on horses

The Swiss 3R Competence Centre will fund a single project for its first targeted call. Professor Thorsten Buch, at the University of Zurich, presented a compelling proposal which could replace the use of pregnant horses to produce a critical element in the breeding of farm animals and experimental rodents. The Swiss 3RCC will support the project with nearly 1 million CHF over the next 4 years.

In contrast to the Open Calls of 2018-2020, in September of 2021, the Swiss 3RCC announced its new Targeted Call funding scheme, which for 2021, sought for projects aiming to replace, reduce and/or refine particularly severe animal procedures. Thirty-two research groups answered the call in this initial outline phase, of which 8 were selected by the 3RCC Scientific Advisory Board to develop their outline into a full application. These full applications were then assessed by several independent and internation expert reviewers. Both the applications and the external reviews were then further independently assessesed by the selected 3RCC Grant Review Panel. This panel then unanimously recommended the selected proposal for funding, a recommendation then ratified by the 3RCC Strategic Board.

Reviewers of the selected proposal noted, that the project "would have a strong impact on..." and "make an excellent contribution to the 3Rs". They also noted that "the group clearly have the expertise needed for the project" and that "interdisciplinary approach considerably increases the chances of success". The Swiss 3RCC is proud to support such an important contribution to ending severe animal procedures, and will provide all necessary resources to ensure the project can make a lasting and positive impact on the breeding of farm animals, and transgenic rodents in animal experimentation; both in Switzerland and Internationally.

Find out more about this project and other funded research here.


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