Ongoing | June 2024 - June 2024

3Rs Reproducibility Hackathon

Goal: Good 3Rs Practice, Networks for Science
Mandate: Research, Education

We are delighted to be hosting our first ever 3Rs Reproducibility Hackathon in Lausanne. Over the course of one day, teams made up of two scientists will get to grips with several data sets and attempt to reproduce selected results and figures. By the end of the day, teams will have presented their analyses and findings and a jury will award prizes for accurate reproduction.

More information to come soon!


Reproducibility is a cornerstone of scientific integrity and progress. However, it has become a significant challenge in modern research. Inconsistent findings, failed replication attempts, and irreproducible results undermine the credibility of scientific discoveries and hinder the advancement of knowledge. Addressing reproducibility issues is crucial for ensuring the reliability and validity of scientific findings, fostering trust within the scientific community, and promoting evidence-based decision-making.

The 3RCC hopes that this event can catalyze positive change and promote a culture of rigor and accountability in scientific inquiry.


  1. to offer an open space for discussion around the challenges of reproducibilty

  2. to demonstrate good practice in reproducibility