Ongoing | June 2019 - February 2022

Map of 3Rs Research Competences in Switzerland

Goal: Networks for Science
Mandate: Monitoring


Research groups within Switzerland have the highest scientific publication per capita rate in the world (2.673; Denmark is next with 2.109) and trails on the Netherlands with the most citations per document (27.38; of any country with at least 10’000 produced documents). With its relatively compact geographical structure, along with the undeniable support for scientific endeavours, one would expect there to be a close level of scientific collaboration between institutions. Moreover, in the field of animal research and its alternatives, most scientifically relevant questions require a multi-modal approach to make significant progress in the field including an integration of existing knowledge into academic education and training. Despite these facts, there does not currently exist an open, searchable, online platform where research groups and other stakeholders are able to list their own scientific and procedural competences, or find other research groups and experts with the required expertise they might need for an ongoing project. 


This project aims to collect research-relevant data regarding the particular skills of individual research groups across Switzerland. Standardised forms will be filled out detailing distinct competencies from distinct research methodologies employed (e.g. basic, clinical), for all relevant research areas (e.g. oncology, neuroscience), as well as details on procedures with animals (e.g. animal handling methods), in silico, or in vitro technologies and other specific 3Rs relevant expertise (e.g. education, biostatistics or ethics).  

This information will be stored in a searchable database. Researchers attempting to develop new strategies or research projects, as well as trainers or other stakeholders in the field can then use this database to establish contact with other groups that already have some expertise in the area. The 3RCC will also use the database to monitor the status of 3R-related competencies in Switzerland.


Online graphical report; searchable database of 3Rs-interested research groups in Switzerland

Project team

Armand Mensen (contact person), Paulin Jirkof, Anke Rohlf