Ongoing | July 2022 - December 2023

Refinement Workshops

Goal: Good 3Rs Practice
Mandate: Education


The burden of an animal experiment is not only dependent on WHAT is done on the animal but to a very large extent on HOW the experiments are performed. In some cases animals are considered to require a lower standard than e.g. a human. There is no scientific basis for this, on the contrary less than optimal methodological performance bears consequences to animal welfare, required animal numbers and scientific quality.

Basic education courses like the LTK M1 provide an important overview of good practice and refinement of animal procedures. Neverthless, only the most common techniques can be teached and the time for each technique is limited. The 3RCC aims to offer complementary workshops for important refinements of techniques. Workshops will offer an in depth training of a single technique including the possibility to discuss tipps and problems with experts in the field and to exchange experiences with colleagues using the same techniques. The major aim is to deliver latest refinement techniques to scientists and to remove hurdles to implementation. Ideally a multiplier effect is possible.

The Workshops of the 3RCC aim to support researchers in raising the quality in specific aspects and experimental methods.



  • September 27th: Good Practice for Rodent Surgery (UZH)

  • November 30th: Refinement in Rodent Neurosurgeries (ETHZ and online)


  • February 27th: Supportive Care Measures (online)  

  • May 15th: Supportive Care Measures 2 (online)  FULLY BOOKED

  • July 14th: Tunnel Handling (on-site UZH)

  • July 20th: Industry Standards of Animal Welfare (online)   

  • September 18th: Good Practice for Rodent Surgery 2 (on-site Ticino as part of the 3Rs Day on the 19th)  

  • Planned - December: Good Practice for Rodent Surgery 3 (on-site UniGe)  

Project team

Armand Mensen; Doris Demy; Paulin Jirkof; Annamarie Alitalo