Scientific publications

Check out the peer-reviewed, or preprint articles from our funded projects, as well as articles stemming from the Swiss 3RCC directly.

Publications from Funded Research

OC-2019-025: Coming Soon: Book chapter: “Lung-on-Chip Models of the Lung Parenchyma”

P. Zamprogno, J. Schulte et al. Engineering Translational Models of Lung Homeostasis and Disease; Springer International Publishing, 2023

added: 15.05.2023

OC-2019-003: Bladder cancer organoids as a functional system to model different disease stages and therapy response

Minoli, ..., Kruithof-de-Julio. Nature Communications. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-37696-2

added: 27.03.2023

OC-2018-006: Three-dimensional printing and virtual reconstruction in surgical planning of double-outlet right ventricle repair


added: 01.02.2023

OC-2018-002: Protocol for a systematic review of good surgical practice guidelines for experimental rodent surgery

Gantenbein, ..., Zeiter, Seebeck. BMJ Open Science. DOI: 10.1136/bmjos-2022-100280

added: 25.07.2022

OC-2019-019: Primary Human Trophoblasts Mimic the Preeclampsia Phenotype after Acute Hypoxia–Reoxygenation Insult

Fuenzalida et al. Cells. 11(12): 1898 (2022)

added: 11.06.2022

OC-2019-009: Deep-learning-based identification, tracking, pose estimation and behaviour classification of interacting primates and mice in complex environments

Marks et al. Nature Machine Intelligence 4(4):331-340 (2022)

added: 21.04.2022

OC-2019-009: Multiomic profiling of the acute stress response in the mouse hippocampus

Ziegler et al. Nature Communications 13(1):1824 (2022)

added: 05.04.2022

OC-2018-004: Synthetic dynamic hydrogels promote degradation-independent in vitro organogenesis

Chrisnandy et al., Nature Materials 21:479–487 (2022)

added: 15.11.2021

OC-2019-009: Chronic adolescent stress increases exploratory behavior but does not appear to change the acute stress response in adult male C57BL/6 mice

Sturman et al. Neurobiology of Stress 15:100388 (2021)

added: 01.11.2021

OC-2018-003: Group size planning of breedings of gene-modified animals

Milchevskaya et al. BioRXiv. (2021)

added: 20.09.2021

OC-2018-004: Next-generation cancer organoids

LeSavage et al. Nature Materials 21:143–159 (2022)

added: 12.08.2021

OC-2018-005: Assessing evolutionary and developmental transcriptome dynamics in homologous cell types

Feregrino & Tschopp. Dev. Dyn. 251(9):1472-1489 (2022)

added: 11.06.2021

OC-2019-009: The Acute Stress Response in the Multiomic Era

Floriou-Servou, ..., Bohacek. Biological Psychiatry June 15, 2021; 89:1116–1126

added: 15.06.2021

Oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings


Presentations by Philippe Bugnon:

  • Strategies to reduce the number of surplus animals at the AISAL annual congress on 29th of September 2022

  • Strategies to reduce the number of surplus animals at the 3R conference Resal on 8th of March 2023

  • Breeding calculator on 26th of April 2023 at the Homburger Kolloqium

Presentations by Prof Thorsten Buch:

  • 19.4.23 Luxemburg The mouse breeding calculator part 2

  • 18.4.23 Tübingen Zuchtplanung I: Grundlagenund Calculator

  • 07.03.23 Luxemburg The mouse breeding calculator part 2

  • 19.10.22 Heidelberg The mouse breeding calculator

  • 18.09.22 Helsinki ISST Meeting Murphy meets ‘Go‘: The intricacies of planning complex breedings

  • 13.06.22 Marseille FELASA 2022 Improving Group Size Planning of Breedings of Gene-Modified Animals

  • 28.04.22 Munich The final goal: A comprehensive breeding planner"

Presentations by Moritz Stelzer:

  • 18th joint conference of the German, Austrian and Swiss Branches of the European Association of Fish Pathologists (EAFP), Hannover, Germany, 6.10.2022; oral presentation by Moritz Stelzer: Entwicklung eines nicht-invasiven eDNA Monitoring-Tools zur Überwachung des Erregers der Proliferativen Nierenerkrankung der Salmoniden

  • Swiss Society of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology (SSTMP), 9.11.2022; oral presentation by Moritz Stelzer: Environmental DNA as a monitoring tool to detect Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae - A protocol from field sampling to laboratory analysis 


  • As part of the project, a 2-day symposium "Sex as a biological variable in biomedical research: needs, challenges, and future steps" was held at the University of Bern on June 9-10, 2022. The symposium was intended to provide insight into the meaning of sex as a biological variable (SABV) and its importance to rodent biomedical research, and to address challenges for implementation. Ten renowned international and national experts covered topics ranging from neuroscience, reproductive and behavioral endocrinology to animal welfare and biostatistics. Sixty participants attended the symposium, which was accredited as 1 day of continuing education for personnel performing animal experiments by the Swiss Association of Cantonal Veterinarians (VSKT).

  • Instigated by our symposium, a larger consortium was formed to write up a review paper entiteled "Practical solutions for including Sex As a Biological Variable (SABV) in preclinical neuropsychopharmacological research". This paper will be part of a Special Issue in the Journal of Neuroscience Methods. (Authors: Dalla, C., Jaric, I., Pavlidi, P., Hodes, G.E., 3, Kokras, N., Bespalov, A., Kas, M.J., Steckler, T., Kabbaj, M., Würbel, H., Marocco, J., Tollkuhn, J., Shansky, R., Bangasser, D., Becker, J.B., McCarthy, M., Ferland-Beckham, C.)

  • Oral presentation by Ivana Jaric "The importance of estrous cycle and factors influencing its stages" at the Symposium "Sex as a biological variable in biomedical research: needs, challenges, and future steps", June 10th, University of Bern. 

  • Poster presentation by Ivana Jaric "Single sex housing affects the estrous cyclicity and hippocampal structural plasticity of female mice" at the Swiss 3Rs Day 2022, October 11th, Bern.

OC-2020-011 :

  • Swiss Study Foundation Workshop (October 17th, 2021) 

  • Nature and Science Festival-Irchel Park (June 11, 2022) 

  • Genome Engineering: CRISPR Frontiers - Poster (August 2022)  

  • Development and Cancer Seminar Series (Multiple Dates) 

  • 3RCC Conference – Poster (October 11, 2022) 

  • Alexandra Traistaru Master’s Thesis and Public Seminar (April 18, 2023) 

  • Faculty talks DMLS University of Zurich-  Konrad Basler (March 2023) 


  • A systems approach to stress-induced noradrenaline release. Symposium entitled: Systems Neuroscience: from behavior to circuits and molecules. Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Neuroscience. Lugano, 9 June 2023.

  • Amidst a revolution in rodent behavioral analysis. Clinical Biochemical Colloquium, Zurich Children’s Hospital, May 8 2023.

  • Reduce and Refine through advancements in rodent behavior analysis. 3Rs Board Meeting. January 17 2023, Bern, Switzerland. 

  • Deep learning-based behavioral analysis and mouse behavior. 35th Congress of the European College for Neuropharmacology (ECNP). Vienna, Austria. October 16 2022.

  • Frontiers in behavioral analysis: More dots, more data, fewer mice. 3Rs Innovation and Research. Swiss annual 3RCC conference. October 11 2022, Bern, Switzerland.

  • A deeper look at stress-induced behavioral changes. International Winter Neuroscience Conference. 4. April 2022. Sölden, Austria.


  • Poster presentation in Lyon (ISTU 2023): Refining intracerebral injection of drugs by FUS and microbubbles assisted BBB opening : application to schizophrenia


• Barbara Fuenzalida, Martin Mueller, Hiten D. Mistry and Christiane Albrecht. NCCR TransCure Final Conference (international): “Cholesterol homeostasis is altered in a preeclampsia model using primary human cytotrophoblasts”, poster presentation, University of Bern, Switzerland, August 17-19, 2022.

• Barbara Fuenzalida, Martin Mueller, Hiten D. Mistry and Christiane Albrecht. “Cholesterol homeostasis is altered in a preeclampsia model using primary human cytotrophoblasts”, oral presentation, 18th EPG (European placenta group) meeting, INRAE Ile-de-France Jouy-en-Josas, France, November 23-25, 2022.

• Barbara Fuenzalida and Christiane Albrecht. “Physiological Cellular Models Mimicking the Maternal-Fetal Interface”, oral presentation, Gordon Research Conference “Multi-drug efflux systems”, Galveston, TX, United States, March 26-31, 2023



  • LIVe 2022, Nice/France, Poster

  • ERS 2022, Barcelona/Spain, Poster

  • EUSAAT 2022, Linz/Austria, Talk, YSTA (Young ScientificTravel Award) with extra YSTA from Animalfree Research 

  • ICLAF 2022, Reykjavik/Iceland, Poster

  • Swiss3R day 2022, Bern/Switzerland, Talk, Swiss 3RCC Young Investigator Award

  • Coming soon: MPS 2023, Berlin/Germany, Poster, Travel Award


  • 16.09.2022: Bernese Lung Fibrosis retreat, Bern/Switzerland, Intervenor

  • 8.12.2022: Organization of the visit of two classes of the Neufeld Gymnasium 

  • 03.03.2023: Fibrosis retreat- Bern-Ohio Meeting, Bern/Switzerland, Talk

  • 20.03.2023: Visit from Lebermatt Gymanisium

  • 27.03.2023: Visit from Lebermatt Gymnasim



  • "Breeding calculator" at the Homburger Kolloqium (on 26th of April 2023)

  • "Strategies to reduce the number of surplus animals" at the 3R conference Resal on (8th of March 2023)

  • Continuing Education course on Mouse Physiology & Pathophysiology “Breeding Management & Planning”  (University of Zürich – 17th of June 2021)

  • "Strategies to reduce the number of surplus animals" at the AISAL annual congress on (29th of September 2022

  • Recent advances in animal welfare science VIII. “Improved group size planning of breedings of gene-modified animals". (Virtual UFAW Animal Welfare Conference 29th- 30th June 2021)

  • “Chess meets Murphy: The intricacies of planning complex breedings" (GVSOLAS - German Laboratory Animal Science Association Congress - 24th of September 2021)


Barbara Jozef, Melanie Fischer and Kristin Schirmer. "Nutritional requirements of fish cell lines – developments towards a serum-free culture medium." (Accepted as abstract for the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in Life Sciences (WC11), August 2021). 

Zhao Rui Zhang, Barbara Jozef and Kristin Schirmer. "A 96-Well Plate Cell-Based Assay to Quantify Proliferation of RTgill-W1 Cell Line Under Serum-Free Conditions." (Accepted as platform presentation SETAC 10th Young Environmental Scientists Meeting, 22-26 February 2021)
Kristin Schirmer and Barbara Jozef. "Fish cell lines and the 3Rs: fundamental developments and application in chemical risk assessment." (presented as invited lecture at the 3Rs Across Europe, held on-line 22-24 September 2021